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ООО ЛДК «Сегежский»

Сегодня ООО ЛДК «Сегежский» является структурным подразделением дивизиона «Деревообработка» ЗАО «Инвестлеспром» - крупнейшего в Европе вертикально-интегрированного холдинга по комплексной переработке лесосырьевых ресурсов.

Холдинг дает возможность корпоративно решать финансовые и сырьевые проблемы.

Продукция ЛДК Сегежский хорошо известна в Англии, Франции, Бельгии, Нидерландах, Германии.

The enterprise in the form of a saw-mill shop was opened in 1938 on the shore of Vygozero Lake. In 1949 it became a full-fledged independent enterprise. In subsequent years it constantly broadened and improved production and was re-equipped technically, searching for a more rational utilization of raw materials and waste. In 1967 it started the barking of lumber and the output of high-quality technological chips.

In 1976 a line of aggregate processing of thin lumber was commissioned, and in 1980 the “Plan-Cell” line producing 120,000 cubic metres a year went into operation. In 1993 three more such lines started working. Two of them can process up to 240,000 cubic metres of timber a year, and the third — “Link” line — 340,000 cubic metres. It can also produce technological chips. The new economic conditions in the country forced the enterprise to search for new development ways, new means of raising profitability and competitiveness and more efficient forms of operation. An idea emerged to create a powerful industrial complex combining the procurement and sawing of timber and the production of pulp and paper. In September 1999 such an enterprise was set up. It is the joint-stock company “SAW-MILL AND WOOD-WORKING PLANT “SEGEZHSKY”. The company specializes in the production of sawn timber and technological chips in accordance with world standards. The greater part of its products (98,000 cu.m. in 2000) is exported to Britain, Denmark, Spain, France, Egypt, Morocco and other countries.



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